photos taken from rehearsal

Let's begin, shall we?

Just an obligatory shot of the excellent set crafted by Dan Sheehan,
featuring the legendary recliner. The recliner is actually reprising the role
it originated in the 2004 premiere production. (Thank you, Mike!)

Paul (Robin Gabrielli) and Karen (Toni Ruscio) square off.
But I can't tell you why right now.

Celine (Shannon Lillian Hogan) advises Paul as to the location
of the nearest exit.

Jim (Gordon Ellis) finds himself smack dab in the middle
of a potentially awkward moment.

Jim tries to get Liz (Colleen Lavery) to explain why she's here--
and apparently plans to appeal to her inner alcoholic with a
nice cold frosty.

Enter Mrs. Oona McGonigle (Christine Grudinskas)--though the
Tupperware does not contain a bucket of ice water and a handful
of Prozac. (See the play, get the reference, kids.)

Jim and Celine practice the sacred art of attentive listening.

A moment from the Bad Breakup Story Game, I believe.
Tucked away in the back is Carter (Jim Gross), who is mostly
who the play's about. So we had to sneak him in somewhere.

Join us for this episode of As the Subplot Thickens...

Mrs. Mac explains to Carter where babies come from.

Is he or isn't he? The about 45 seconds.