Curtain Call Theatre production at EMACT, 2006
(photos in no particular order)

Gordon Ellis as Kevin Gable.

A lovely shot of the lovely Margaret Kelly as the lovely Jolene.

Therapy time for Kevin and Doug (Dan Walsh).

Kevin, confronted by Nivek (Brian McNearney).

Kevin works on his aloofness skills with Date Girl
(Rachel Fisher-Parkman).

Doug, the fount of all questionable and sexually oriented wisdom
(Dan Walsh).

Niv vies for a little attention during Kevin's first date with Jolene.

Kevin monologues while Nivek and Date Girl reacquaint.

I love this shot. Kevin Gable, bookstore stalker.

Nivek and DG begin "The Ballad of Kevin and Caryn."

The Kevin and Caryn story heats up. Kevin remembers it
just a little differently.

Jolene waits in mid-kiss as Kevin and DG reminisce about a smooch
that went a wee bit wrong...

Doug tells Kevin he's found the girl for him. Note the artistic metaphorical
distance between the boys.