Rehearsal photos

From the final dress rehearsal.

"Owen and George" photos by Ed Benjamin III; "Waiting" photos by Stacey Erikson.

"You're not even close to putting me in check!"
(Stand by for several more pictures that look alarmingly
like this one.)

"I've heard tell that a ninja can kill a man with just his thumb."

More chess, under excellent lighting.

Owen and George, no longer playing chess.

War and Pestilence reacquaint over chicken fingers.

"Can I have your attention?"
Pestilence works the unwitting victims of the
upcoming Apocalypse.


"Have a chicken finger."
Yes, Death is not happy about the offer.

"A deathly bore?"
Pestilence and War share a laugh at Death's expense.

Downtime for the destroyers.

Pestilence finds two things that are more
interesting than Gandhi.

Pestilence and Death, about to have
their clunes handed to them by War.